Model Aircraft Competition

23rd January 2008

The Society's Plastic Model Kit Competition for 2007 attracted, as ever, a healthy number of entries from its modelling enthusiasts.

Judging was by the club members, each selecting a "top three", with the final scores calculated on a points basis.

The final results were as follows:-

1st Fairchild C-119, by Colin Duckworth

2nd Sikorsky MH-53, by Colin Duckworth

3rd Republic F-84, by Malcolm Hargreaves

(All Photographs courtesy of Malcolm and Peter Hargreaves)


The 2007 modelers, Stuart Daley, Colin Duckworth, Malcolm and Peter Hargreaves


Colin Duckworth with the1st placed entry

 - Fairchild C-119 'Flying Boxcar' -


Colin Duckworth and Malcolm Hargreaves with their 2nd and 3rd placed entries

- Sikorsky MH-53 and Republic F-84 -

Below are some examples of entries from the 2008 Competition