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Archive of historical evenings and presentations - 2007


10th January 2007

'Annual General Meeting and Photographic Competition - Prints'

The AGM will take its usual form, with a pie and peas supper for all attendees. For further information (AGM), please contact the Society Secretary, Chris Wood.

For further information on the photographic completion and how to submit entries, please click here

24th January 2007

'Model Competition ' and 'European Sortie 2006' by Marin Powell

The model competition will be organises as in previous years. For information on the type and number of entries, and how to enter, please see page two of the December Newsletter. Martin will show us slides taken on his recent trip to the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.

7th February 2007

'Douglas DC-4 Skymaster' by Alan Scholefield

Our favourite aviation historian returns to tell a storey rather different to his usual Manchester oriented subjects. The DC-4 was the first of the really modern airliners after WW2 and was the foundation stone of many of the big airliners today.

21st February 2007

'Seventies Nostalgia' by David Blades

David Blades will get the memory banks working with a selection of his slides taken in the U.K. during the nineteen seventies.

7th March 2007

'Nimrod MRA.4' by Squadron Leader Drew Steel, RAF

Drew has told us about the Nimrod MRA.4 project on several previous visits, from concept to early development. The project is now proving to be very successful and the contract for the full production aircraft has been placed with BAe Systems. Drew, who is based at Warton, will update us about the project, in his clear and very professional manner.

21st March 2007

'Aviation Brain of Rossendale' by Ivor Tamplin

Join us for the 2007 'Aviation Brain of Rossendale'.

4th April 2007

'RAF Shawbury and the Assault Glider Project' by Squadron Leader Martin Locke

Tonight we give a very warm welcome to Squadron Leader Martin Locke. Please join us for what should be an excellent and informative evening.

18th April 2007

'Travellers Tales 2006' By Paul Isherwood and Jim Newton

Two of our most travelled members will entertain us tonight with images and incidents from their journeys in 2006. Jim Newton will start the evening with a digital presentation covering his visits to the USA and Germany. After the break Paul will show slides if his visit to China and then back to Jim to finish the evening with images of his trip to the Balkans.

2nd May 2007

'Air Traffic Control' by Steve Balfour

16th May 2007

Members slide evening - Chris Eaton and Chris Wood

Tonight we give a warm welcome to two of our members, Chris Eaton and Chris Wood, Please join us for what should be a very good slide presentation.

6th June 2007

'North-West Aircraft Wrecks: New insights into dramatic last flights' by Nick Wotherspoon

20th June 2007 'Aircraft old and new' by Ian Brown

Tonight Ian will show us some slides from his collection, old and new, including a selection from his more recent travels.

4th July 2007 'Grumpy old men of a certain age'

Three of our present and former members, Phil Blinkhorn, Martin Powell and Ivor Tamplin, will discuss the past, illustrated with slides. They have reached the age when they all have strong opinions, and of course the good old days were definitely the best !!

18th July 2007 'The Royal Navy Historic Flight' by John Phillips

One of our new members , John is a former member of the Fleet Air Arm, and is currently a member of the Royal Navy Historic Flight. For the first part of this evenings programme, John will give a presentation on the 'Flight' and its aircraft.

'Sweden 2007' by Martin Powell

For the second part of the evening, Martin will show images from his recent visit to Sweden, including some aviation museums.

1st August 2007 'Tester Zero One' by Wing Commander Robby Robinson

Tonight we give a very warm welcome to Wing Commander Robby Robinson, who will be giving a presentation on his career as a Test Pilot at Boscombe Dow.

15th August 2007 'The Balkans and beyond' by Jim Newton

Jim will continue where he left off in May, with photos and stories of his travels in the Balkans and further afield.

5th September 2007 'Airline Captain' by Captain John Rathbone

John Rathbone, brother of member Colin Rathbone, recently retired after a long career with British Airways. John learnt to fly with the Yorkshire University Air Squadron , whilst a student at the University of York. He then joined BEA and trained as a commercial pilot at the Oxford Air Training School. John went on to fly a number of aircraft types with both BEA and British Airways, eventually captaining the Boeing 747-400. Tonight should be a fascinating evening.

19th September 2007 'Annual Recognition Competition' by Bob Fairclough

Last year's winner Bob Fairclough presents this year's competition. This will be followed by a selection of slides from Bob's recent travels, including some from his many visits to Canada.

3rd October 2007 'Emirates Airline' by Laurie Berryman

Laurie Berryman is the North of England Sales Manager for Emirates and tonight will update us on progress and future development of the Airline.

17th October 2007 'Members Slide Evening'

7th November 2007 'Ringway Air Transport 1938 - 1959' by Alan Scholefield

We know Alan very well as the historian of Aviation in the Manchester Area. Tonight he returns to tell us about another topic that he has researched, no doubt with his usual thoroughness and many rare photographs.

21st November 2007 'Tribute to Paul Isherwood'

The content of this evening is being organised and co-ordinated by Martin Powell and consequently, anyone who can make a contribution to this evening should contact Martin as soon as possible. Paul organised many excellent visits in the years he was 'visits' organiser, photographs taken on these visits could be included in the tribute to Paul.


'Tribute to Paul Isherwood'

Paul Isherwood (centre), receiving from Gordon Bartley, the trophy for winning the 2006 Society Photographic Competition (Slide/Air).

5th December 2007 'Aircrew Experiences' - by Garth Dawson

Tonight we welcome Garth Dawson who will tell us of his wartime experiences as a Wireless Operator, mainly flying in Wellingtons of Coastal Command. Garth, now retired, is a well known professional photographer and was formerly the proprietor of the Garth Dawson Studio in Accrington. He is currently the Competitions Secretary of the Accrington Camera Club.

19th December 2007 'Annual Photographic Competition' - Digital Images

For further information, please click here.

Archive of historical evenings and presentations


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