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Archive of historical evenings and presentations - 2011


5th January, 2011

Annual General Meeting and Model (Aircraft) Competition

The AGM will take its usual form, with a pie and peas supper for all attendees. For further information (AGM), please contact the Society Secretary, Chris Eaton.

The model competition will be organised as in previous years. For information on the type and number of entries, and how to enter, please see the December Newsletter.

The result of the annual model competition is as follows (a full photo report will be published in due course): -

  1. David Draycott - Kawanishi N1K-J 'George' (Imperial Japanese Navy)

  2. David Draycott - F-86E (Norwegian Air Force)

  3. David Draycott - F-84 (Greek Air Force)

The following models were 'commended': -

  1. Colin Duckworth - B-25B

  2. Colin Duckworth - Grumman Wildcat

  3. Colin Duckworth - Westland Wyvern

A selection of images from the evening can be found  at


19th January, 2011

‘USA 1978 - 1980', ‘Keep Going West... a story in pictures and words describing the trials and tribulations of a pilgrimage on the way across the US to The Boneyard and the "Confederate" Air Force Show in 1977' by Ivan Hallworth

Ivan made a spotting trip to the USA in 1978 and we will enjoy the memories at this meeting. The presentation is about a trip Ivor and a pal took to the U.S. in 1977,  primarily to visit the 'Confederate' Air Force show and Davis Monthan. Other airfields visited on the way from JFK included Willow Grove NAS and Museum, Dover AFB, Cincinnati (Covington), Miami Int., where we photographed C46s, C47s, DC6s, DC7s, both civil and ex military, along with a gaggle of Freight Electras. New Tamiami, Homestead AFB, San Antonio, DFW, Tucson Int, where there were A10As and also a fascinating collection of propeller driven heaps in what Ivan calls the "Back Lots" and Pima County Air Museum, where they allowed access from dawn, obviously, it was a very different place than it is nowadays!

The visit to Davis Monthan heralded C47s, T29s, B52s, Convair Deltas, Voodoos, A4s, A5s, F4s, C130s, C121s, amongst the many other gems.

The pictures taken at JFK, Covington, Dover and Willow Grove are a little on the grey side, as the weather wasn't brilliant. However, the images from Miami onwards are of a very good quality. Ivor had a technical issue with his camera in Philadelphia and Mike had his stolen in San they got round this problem will be revealed during the presentation.

The trip was completed in 28 days, undertaking in the region of 21 flights. In addition to 'spotting', time out was taken in San Diego, Miami and the Grand Canyon.

There should be something for everyone, military, civil, museums, historic, jets, props, warbirds, helos...... Please come along and enjoy the evening.


2nd February, 2011


‘Fairey Aviation at Manchester - part 1', by Alan Scholefield

Our regular guest Alan Scholefield returns with more results from his research into Manchester’s aviation history.


16th February, 2011

'Way Out West', by Martin Powell

Martin will tonight detail a Autumn 2009 trip to the United States, where he drove from Los Angeles to Dallas. On route he took in numerous points of aviation interest, including the airshows at MCAS Mirimar and Midland (Commemorative Air Force), museum visits to Chino, Pima, Dallas and USS Midway (San Diego). Completing the aviation element was a visit to the 'bone-yard' at Davis Monthan, for a tour of AMARG.

In addition to the aviation images, there will also a smattering of 'touristy' images to complete the tale. 

Please note: The previously advertised evening, 'Oriental Extravaganza', by Lloyd Robinson, will be re-scheduled for another date


2nd March, 2011

'VP-Y, a look at civil aircraft in colonial Kenya', by Mike Blake

This evening has been re-scheduled from December 2010, due to bad weather at the time.

This evening we welcome Mike Blade. Mike lived in Kenya during his early part of life and has since made a study of civil aircraft registered in Kenya during the colonial era.



16th March, 2011


‘Aviation Brain of Rossendale', by Harry Holmes

As is customary, this years Aviation Brain of Rossendale will be prepared and presented by last years winner, Harry Holmes


6th April, 2011

'A Canadian adventure - Alberta 2009', by Colin Duckworth and

'Old, Noisy 'n Smokin', by Chris Wood

Tonight we welcome two of our own to entertain us.  First up will be Colin Duckworth with his account of a visit to Alberta in 2009 where he attended the Lethbridge Air Show and visited several of the areas excellent museums.

After the break Chris Wood will display a selection of his slides depicting jet airliners from a decade or two ago when noise and smoke entertained us when visiting airports.


20th April, 2011


‘Game, Planes and Trains', by Jim Newton

Jim enjoyed a visit to Kenya and Tanzania with Alpha Mike Tours last October and will tell us about tonight.  In addition to aircraft seen on the trip, Jim will also tell us about the safari trip the group participated on.

4th May, 2011 ‘Military Aircraft Images', by Tom Gibbons

Tom is a Flight Sergeant in the RAF and has taken his camera to many interesting places. Tonight he will show us a selection of his slides taken over many years.


18th May, 2011


‘Fun in Flight Test', by Dave Ward

We welcome back Dave Ward to the Society who will entertain us with tales of his time as a member of Warton's flight test department.


1st June, 2011


‘Helicopters and Lightning's', by Neil Airey

Tonight we once again welcome Neil Airey. Neil's 'day job' is flying the North-West Air Ambulance. In his spare time he he flies the preserved Huey and looks after his preserved Lightning's.


15th June, 2011 'Oriental Extravaganza', by Lloyd Robinson

Lloyd Robinson spent 3 years living and working in Singapore, and whilst there travelled widely in the Far East and Australia for both business and pleasure.  Fortunately he took his camera with him and tonight will share some of his images with us


6th July, 2011

'From Pulleys to Fly-by-Wire', by Sean Ashton

Sean is currently a Training Captain with Easy Jet, but started his career with the RAF, flying the Nimrod, Puma and Tucano. He then joined Airtours to fly Airbus 320, 321 & 330 before joining Easy Jet, initially on the 737 and then Airbus 319/320 family.



21st July, 2011 'Images - old and new', by Phil Blinkhorn

Phil has been busy scanning his slide collection and will show a selection of oldies along more recent images taken on visits to Brazil and Texas.

Please Note: Due to operational reasons, this presentation has been moved to a Thursday evening.


3rd August, 2011

'Latin America 2008', by Michael Blank

In 2008 Michael enjoyed and Ian Allan trip to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia, returning via Miami. Lots of interesting types seen and flights enjoyed in a DC-3, Super DC-3 and a Xian MA60



17th August, 2011

'Digital Dabblings' - lead by Martin Powell (including others)

Tonight's meeting is a little different and we look forward to active participation from the audience.  The meeting will start with an introduction to digital photography and digital cameras and will cover basic principles and the additional features found in digital cameras.  This will be followed by demonstrations of simple editing tasks using proprietary software from a number of members.  If you are a less experienced worker we hope that you will learn something and if you are an experienced worker you can teach the rest of us!

Please feel free to bring along your cameras, a selection of images on a USB stick which we can play with, or even your laptop with your favourite software on it.


7th September, 2011

'The Falklands War - Insights and Lessons', an evening with Eric Grove

Tonight we welcome back Dr. Eric Grove, Professor of Naval History at the University of Salford. This evenings subject is a retrospect of The Falklands War, which I know will be a very informative and entertaining evening.

We hope to attract a large audience to this meeting, please invite any interested friends to come along.




21st September, 2011

'The Annual Recognition Competition', compiled by last year's winner, David Draycott

The recognition contest will be followed by a selection of images taken by Stuart Daley, mainly taken on visits to various military firing ranges and low-fly training areas.


5th October, 2011

'North to Alaska, by Jim Newton

Jim Newton has been on his travels again, this time to Alaska and the Western United States, and tonight he will share the sights and stories with us.  The aviation scene in Alaska is always of interest with a wide variety of types and operations to be observed. 

We are very grateful to Jim for preparing this presentation at short notice and look forward to what is sure to be an entertaining evening.


19th October, 2011

'A year in pictures'

Chris will tonight deliver his annual 'A year in pictures' presentation. Now in its fifth year, Chris will detail the 2011 airshow at the Royal International Air Tattoo - Fairford, Waddington, Paris Air Salon and St Dizier (home of the French Air Force Rafale fleet), an official visit to the USS George H.W. Bush, during her maiden combat deployment, a photo visit to RAF Cottesmore on the last day before closure of the base and finally, present images taken on visits to London, Paris and Manchester airports. The evening will close with a photo round up of the 2011 Society visits programme.


2nd November, 2011


An evening with Wing Commander Philip Spencer

Tonight we welcome Philip Spencer to the Society.  Philip is currently employed by BAe Systems. However, he was previously had a long and distinguished in the Royal Air Force.  His service included tours on the Phantom, Tornado F.3 and Hawk.

Tonight he will share his experiences with us, including flying QRA missions out of Leuchars. 


16th November, 2011

'The English Electric Canberra' by Martin Powell and Derek Tattersall

'A Look at the English Electric Canberra' is a review of the life and times of the English Electric Canberra which served the Royal Air Force for 56 years.

An evening dedicated to Bob Fairclough, an expert on matters English Electric, a long standing member and a good friend to many.


30th November, 2011

'VP-Y, a look at civil aircraft in colonial Kenya - part two', by Mike Blake

This evening we once again welcome Mike Blade.

Mike lived in Kenya during his early part of life and has since made a study and photographic record of civil aircraft registered in Kenya during the colonial era.


14th December, 2011

'Annual Photographic Competition - projected and prints'

Both the 'projected' and 'print' competitions will be held this evening. Our guest judge for the competition will be the very respected photographic judge, Gordon Bartley ARPS.


Archive of historical evenings and presentations


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