Archive of the 2015 Meetings Programme

16th December, 2015


'Annual Photographic Competition - projected and prints'

Both the 'projected' and 'print' competitions will be held this evening. Our guest judge for the competition will be the very respected photographic judge Gordon Bartley ARPS.

Further information is available by visiting the 'Annual Photographic Competitions' web-page.


2nd December, 2015



'40th Anniversary Celebration Evening'

Tonight we celebrate forty years of our Society with a special meeting covering many of the activities we have been involved with during that time.

We look forward to welcoming you to our very special evening.

18th November, 2015


'A year in pictures - 2015'; by Chris Berry

Chris is one of our leading photographers and will tonight will deliver his annual 'A year in pictures' presentation.

Now in it's ninth year, Chris will detail the impressive 2015 Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford, Southport Airshow, an official visit to the 'Nimitz Class' aircraft carrier - USS Theodore Roosevelt, concluding with visits to RAF Mildenhall, RAF Valley and Manchester Airport.

Throughout his presentation, Chris will also give an insight into how he takes his images and the methods / software he uses to process a raw image and then turn it into something that's suitable for sharing with others.

Any related questions you have will be answered throughout the presentation.

The evening will close with a review of the 2015 Society visits programme, which will include a look at a number of official visits to a number of naval vessels and a brief look at what we have in store for 2016.

Please come along for what should be fascinating and varied evening of aviation imagery and commentary.


4th November, 2015


''Aircraft images from around the world'; by Phil Blinkhorn

Tonight we give a very warm welcome to Phil Blinkhorn.

Phil was one of our earliest members, now living in the Emerald Isle. Tonight he makes a welcome return to speak about his world travels over the years.

We look forward to a very entertaining evening.

All are welcome.



21st October, 2015


'The Sues Crisis and War of 1956'; by Professor Eric Grove

Tonight we give a very warm welcome to Professor Eric Grove, Professor of Naval History at Liverpool Hope University.

The Suez Crisis was an invasion of Egypt in late 1956 by Israel, followed by Britain and France. The aims of the invasion were to regain Western control of the Suez Canal and remove Egyptian President Nasser from power.

After the fighting started, the United States, Soviet Union, and the United Nations forced the three invaders to withdraw. The episode humiliated both Britain and France and strengthened President Nassser (credit to Wikipedia for the summary).

The formal presentation will be followed by a question and answers session.

An evening for the diary and certainly a presentation not to be missed - all are welcome to attend.


7th October, 2015



'2015 - Old and New, Here and There'; by Lloyd Robinson

Unfortunately, due to employment commitments elsewhere, Stuart Mochrie is unable to be with us this evening. It's hoped a new date can be arranged for Stuart to deliver his presentation sometime in 2016 .

As a consequence, we welcome and thank Lloyd Robinson for stepping in at this late stage, to deliver a presentation 'Old and New, Here and There'.

Aircraft preservation is one of Lloyd's passions, along with world travel. We can look forward to images of both new and preserved aircraft from far and wide.

All are very welcome. 


16th September, 2015


'Poles apart....................continued'; by Tony Callan

Tonight Tony Callan continues to show us the several visits he has made to countries bordering the Pacific Ocean and tonight he gives us a taste of the aircraft seen with images from Australia, Cnada, New Zealand and the USA (Alaska and California) - a mixture of propliners, floatplanes, vintage, warbirds and a few other items of interest.

We look forward to a very entertaining evening.

All are welcome.


2nd September, 2015


'A presentation from afar'; by Andy Heap

Tonight we give a very warm welcome to former member and Society friend, Andy Heap. Andy was born and bread in the Rossendale Valley, before opting for pastures and emigrating to New Zealand a number of years back.

With the help of modern technology, Andy will be delivering his presentation live, whilst sat in the comfort of his own home in Nelson, New Zealand.

Andy's presentation will include images taken in New Zealand and Australia, and various countries whilst travelling in Asia.

Please come along for what is promised to be a fabulous evening and a first for the Rossendale Aviation Society.


19th August, 2015


'The 2015 Aircraft Recognition Competition' and 'Aviation Gizmos and Electronic Spotting'; by Chris Berry

Tonight you can test your aircraft recognition skills with our annual aircraft recognition competition, set by last years winner, Chris Berry.

This will be followed in the second half of the evening by a presentation on 'Aviation Gizmos and Electronic Spotting'.

All are welcome to what should be a great presentation.


5th August, 2015



'The Vulcan revolution' - by Dr Thurai Rahulan

Tonight we welcome back Thurai Rahulan, Society member and senior lecturer at Salford University.

Following his previous and fabulous presentations on the A380, Concorde and the Harrier, he tonight focuses on an icon from the Cold War, the Avro Vulcan bomber.

All are welcome to what should be a great presentation. An evening not to be missed.


15th July, 2015



'Down Under 2015' - by Stuart Daley

In April Stuart returned to Australia where he met up with our New Zealand colleague Andy Heap.

Together they toured several of the aviation hotspots in Australia, including Sydney, Bankstown, the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society at Illawarra, the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Nowra and the National War Museum, located in Canberra.

All are welcome to what should be a great presentation.


1st July, 2015


'Visit to the RAF Museum Hendon and the de Havilland Museum at London Colney' - by Paul Henshaw

Tonight we welcome Paul Henshaw, for a presentation on his recent visit to both the Royal Air Force Museum (Hendon) and the de Havilland Museum (London Colney).

All are welcome to what should be a really interesting and fabulous presentation, from two great museums.


17th June, 2015


'Pacific Rim Preservation' - by Lloyd Robinson

Tonight we welcome Lloyd Robinson, for a presentation on Pacific Rim Presentation.

Lloyd will present a virtual trip around the Pacific Rim, taking in a host of aviation collections, large and small, throughout the region.

All are welcome to what should be a really interesting and fabulous presentation.


3rd June, 2015


'A Career in Aviation' - by Sqn Ldr Drew Steel MBE RAF (Ret)

Tonight we welcome back Drew Steel for his eagerly awaited presentation.

Drew commanded Nimrods in the 'Cold War' with the Royal Air Force and then subsequently worked with BAE Systems on the Nimrod MR4 project.

Drew is brilliant speaker and it's an evening we are really looking forward to.


All are very welcome.


6th May, 2015


'Large Remote Controlled (aircraft) Models' - by Alan Cantwell and friends

Tonight we have a slight change from our usual fare as we welcome Alan Cantwell of the Large Model Association who will talk about building and flying the large models that are so popular at many air shows.

 An evening for the diary and certainly a presentation not to be missed.


15th April, 2015



'10 and 20 - images from 1995 and 2005' - by Martin Powell

Martin Powell will tonight show a selection of slides taken in 1995 and 2005, mainly in the U.K., with a selection from a visit to Arizona and California in September 2005.

All are welcome to what should be a really interesting and fabulous presentation.

1st April, 2015


'The Sunderland flying boat and the Windermere factory' - by Peter Cunliffe

Tonight we have a return visit by Peter Cunliffe. Peter is a speaker, author and historian, with a special interest in aviation.

'The Sunderland flying boat and the Windermere factory' is his subject this evening.

All are welcome to what should be a very informative and fabulous presentation.


18th March, 2015


'The 2015 Aviation Brain of Rossendale', compiled by Colin Duckworth and Mike McCaffrey


Tonight we host our annual 'Aviation Brain of Rossendale' quiz, compiled by our joint winners in 2014, Colin Duckworth and Mike McCaffrey.

This is the 39th year of the prestigious competition, which was first hosted in 1976.

Please come along for an entertaining evening and see if you can put your hands on the famous trophy.


4th March, 2015

'The EAA AirVenture - Oshkosh' - by Ken Cothliff

Tonight we give a returning welcome to Ken Cothliff, who will be giving us a presentation on a recent visit to the EAA AirVenture Rally, at Oshkosh.

'Oshkosh' is an annual gathering of aviation enthusiasts, held each summer at Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA. The event is sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and is the largest event of its kind anywhere in the world. The show lasts one week and usually has around, 10,000 visiting aircraft - from home built aircraft, to factory, warbirds, military, classic airliners and many more. During the event, the control tower is busiest in the world.

Please come along for what should be a fascinating and varied presentation.


18th February, 2015


'A Delve through Andy Heap's Slides' - by John Heap

Tonight we have a selection of Andy Heap's slides, put together by his father John,  taken at various locations in the U.K.

Andy, now living in New Zealand, has given many presentations to the Society himself over a long period of time.

'Orient Express' - by Bryan Roberts

For the second half of the evening, we give a warm welcome to member Bryan Roberts. Bryan has recently made three visits to the 'Orient', travelling extensively throughout Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Hong Kong.

Bryan will tonight share some of his many interesting aviation and cultural images taken on his travels.


4th February, 2015



'Training to be an airline pilot' - by Steven Nuttall

Steven is a local school teacher who fancies a career change.

He is learning to be an airline pilot the hard way - in his own spare time and financed independently. Steven will take us through the various stages of training and tell us all about his planned career change and his experiences in doing so.


21st January, 2015



'Poles Apart and Either Side of the Date-Line' - by Tony Callan

Tony has recently visited both Alaska and Australia, photographing many aeroplanes.

Props, hulls, floats, skis and tundra tyres, not a jet in sight

In recent years Tony Callan has made several visits to countries bordering the Pacific Ocean and tonight he gives us a taste of the aircraft seen with images from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA (Alaska and California) - a mixture of propliners, floatplanes, vintage and warbirds, and a few other items of interest. We look forward to an entertaining evening a little different from our normal fare.

7th January, 2015


Annual General Meeting and Model (Aircraft) Competition

The AGM will take its usual form, with a pie and pea supper for all current members in attendance. Please Note, the AGM is open to current members only. 

For further information (AGM), please contact the Society Chairman or Vice Chairman

The model competition will be organised as in previous years  and will be judged by David Swift (from The International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS), Bolton). For information on the type and number of entries, and how to enter, please see the December Newsletter. Alternatively, please contact the Programme Secretary.


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