Archive of the 2016 Meetings Programme 

21st December, 2016



'Annual Photographic Competition - projected and prints'

Both the 'projected' and 'print' competitions will be held this evening. Our guest judge for the competition will be the very respected photographic judge Gordon Bartley ARPS.

Further information is available by visiting the 'Annual Photographic Competitions' web-page.

7th December, 2016

Graphic for 07/12/16



'The Early Years of the MRCA / Tornado Development Programme'; by Dave Ward

Tonight we welcome back Dave Ward from BAE Systems Heritage Department at Warton, to talk about the early development programme of the Multi-Role Combat Aircraft, MRCA.

The aircraft was a joint project between BAC, MBB in West Germany and Aeritalia in Italy. It first flew in 1974 and was later named the Tornado, which is still in front line service today.

All are welcome to what should be an excellent presentation.


16th November, 2016



'A year in pictures - 2016'; by Chris Berry

Chris is one of our leading photographers and will tonight will deliver his annual 'A year in pictures' presentation.

Now in it's tenth year, Chris will tonight deliver his annual 'A year in pictures' presentation.

Throughout his presentation, Chris will also give an insight into how he takes his images and the methods / software he uses to process a raw image and then turn it into something that's suitable for sharing with others.

Any related questions you have will be answered throughout the presentation.

The evening will close with a review of the 2016 Society visits programme, which will include a look at a number of official visits to a number of naval vessels and a brief look at what we have in store for 2017.

Please come along for what should be fascinating and varied evening of aviation imagery and commentary.

'British Aviation Museums and Collections'; by Colin Duckworth

As a result of serious family health problems, Chris Berry has had to regretably postpone his presenation this evening. We look forward to welcoming Chris again at a later mutually convenient date.

We once again welcome Colin Duckworth, who will tonight deliver a presenation on British Aviation Museums and Collections.

All are welcome to what should be a fabulaous and informative presenation.


2nd November, 2016

Proffessor Eric Grove



'The Battle of Jutland and Naval Briefing'; by Professor Eric Grove

Tonight we give a returning welcome to renowned naval historian Profeesor Eric Grove, who will tonight give a presentation on the Battle of Jutland, which took place in May 1916.

The battle has been described as the greatest naval battle ever, with 151 Royal Navy warships fighting for thirty-six hours against 99 Imperial German Navy ships.

The latter part of the presenation will focus on Proffessor Grove giving an update on current naval and marritime matters.

As ever, all are welcome to what should be a an excellent presentation.


19th October, 2016

EAA Emblem



'The EAA AirVenture - Oshkosh'; Tony Callan

Tonight we give a returning welcome to member Tony Callan, who will be giving us a presentation on a recent visit to the EAA AirVenture Rally, at Oshkosh.

'Oshkosh' is an annual gathering of aviation enthusiasts, held each summer at Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA. The event is sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and is the largest event of its kind anywhere in the world. The show lasts one week and usually has around, 10,000 visiting aircraft - from home built aircraft, to factory, warbirds, military, classic airliners and many more. During the event, the control tower is busiest in the world.

All are welcome to what should be an excellent and very informative presentation.


5th October, 2016



'Flying the last of the Grumman cats'; by Anthony Gregory

Tonight we give a warm welcome to Anthony 'Foxy' Gregory, who will tonight deliver a presentation on flying the Grumman F-14 Tomcat, where he was an exchange pilot with US Navy fighter squadron, VF-101 'Grim Reapers', between February 1999 and May 2002.

The 'Tomcat' is one of the best and most formidable carrier aircraft ever built - an evening not to be missed.

All are welcome to what should be a fabulous presentation.

'Finland'; by John Wiseman

Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond our control, Anthony Gregory is unable to deliver his presentation to the Society this evening. We look forward to welcoming Anthony again at a later mutually convenient date.

As a consequence, we are very grateful to member John Wiseman for stepping in at short notice.

John will tonight deliver a presentation, originally planned for 2017, on a recent trip to Finland. The presentation will cover military and civil aircraft seen at airports, airfields and museums. John will also detail Finland's recent history, as a key player in Scandinavia and the Baltic region.

All are welcome to what should be an excellent evening.


21st September, 2016



'Warton in Space'; by Eric Webb

Tonight we give a warm welcome to Eric Webb, who will be delivering a fascinating presentation on the 'paper designs' for advanced space craft worked on at Warton by BAE Systems and its predecessor companies, British Aerospace, BAC and English Electric.

All are welcome to what should be a really fascinating presenation.

7th September, 2016


'Mrs H Tours'; by Malcolm Hargreaves

Tonight we welcome Malcolm Hargreaves who will look at some of the aviation, steam railway and motoring attractions visited by Malcolm during holidays and excursions arranged by his very understanding wife.

All are very welcome to attend.

17th August, 2016

Meeting Graphic - 17th August 2016


'The 2016 Aircraft Recognition Competition'; by Ivor Tamplin

Tonight you can test your aircraft recognition skills with our annual aircraft recognition competition, set by last years winner, Ivor Tamplin.

The competition will be followed by a presentation by Paul Henshaw, which will include images from recent visits to the museums at Middle Wallop and Tangmere, along with a tour of RAF Valley.

All are welcome to attend and participate.


3rd August, 2016



'Changing Winds - Jetstream conversions in scale'; by Gary Hatcher

Gary is the editor of Scale Aircaft Modelling magazine and tonight he will outline the process involved in reseraching the required changes, sourcing or scratch building the parts required, and selecting the markings and colours for the final model.

He wil concentrate on making the Jetstream T.1 from the Airfix model of a Jetstream 31.

Please come along to what should be a facinating evening and presenation.

20th July, 2016

'How Safe Is Your Airport’;  by Debbie Riley

Tonight we give a warm welcome to Debbie Riley, Operations and Safety Director, Airport Solutions Ltd.

Debbie will look at two different airport safety case studies. First, she will go through an investigation that she conducted into a runway incursion at a major international airport and in the second half, she will present the official results of another investigation in to an aircaft crash in Thailand.

All are very welcome.


6th July, 2016

'Maps of the Sky'; by Guy Clark and 'The three Queens in Liverpool'; by Chris Wood

Tonight we give a warm welcome to members Guy Clark and Chris Wood.

Guy will open the evening with a look at his career in the Royal Air Force, followed by Chris Wood, who will give a presentationon the visit of the thee Cunard Queens to Liverpool in 2015.

The three 'Queens' visited Liverpool on the 24th and 25th May, 2105, to mark 175 years of the Cunard Line. chris will start his presenation with the commencement of events on the Sunday with Queen mary 2 alongside at the cruise termninal, photographed in glorious evening sunlight from the Mersey Ferry, followed by a fireworks and light show. The following day on the Monday sees Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth arrive at Liverpool with all three Queens photographed from the Mersey Ferry on a specail cruise, which was sold out a couple of months in advace of the event.

In addition to Chris's shots from the ferry, fellow member Mike Lynam was on board Queen Mary 2 at the same time and hi shots will also be integrated as part of the presenation.

All are very welcome to attend the 'double-header' presenation.


15th June, 2016


'The British Aircraft Preservation Council and its Register'; by Lloyd Robinson

Tonight we give a warm welcome Lloyd Robinson, who will give a presentation on the British Aircraft Preservation Council and its Register.

All are very welcome.

1st June, 2016


'The Baltic, Belarus and Finland'; by Jim Newton

Jim is one of our more well-travelled members and tonight will speak about his recent visits to three very different European countries.

This will definitely be a fascinating meeting, all are welcome.


18th May, 2016



'Airborne Electronic Warfare: The Cold War and its Legacy', by Gordon Slater CEng, FIET

Gordon served as an RAF Engineer Officer from 1968 to 1988. His subsequent industry career has continued with many of the Electronic Warfare (EW) developments initiated in the Cold War era. The presentation will outline some of the EW capabilities and tactics developed for Cold War combat aircraft, including Lightning, Vulcan and Buccaneer, and their influence on modern aircraft such as Tornado and Typhoon.

Please come along for what should be fascinating and very interesting evening.

All are welcome.


4th May, 2016


'The Avro Canada Story', by Brian Mann

Avro Canada was started in 1945 as an aircraft plant and became within thirteen years the third-largest company in Canada, producing aircraft such as the CF-100 Canuck. Our guest tonight will outline its history.

All are welcome.


20th April, 2016



'de Havilland Man and Machines - part 1 ', by Mike Blake


Geoffrey de Havilland set up his aircraft company in late 1920 and it has produced some historic aircraft since then, including the well known Moth series and the wooden wonder, the Mosquito. Our guest tonight will speak about the early history of de Havilland and his aircraft.


6th April, 2016


'Duxford Air shows', by Colin Duckworth


The Imperial War Museum at Duxford is home to an amazing array of  flying WW2 aircraft and hosts two fantastic air shows each year.

Over the years Colin has been a regular visitor to these shows and we are guaranteed a fantastic selection of photographs tonight.

 All are welcome.


16th March, 2016


'The 2016 Aviation Brain of Rossendale', compiled by Phil Blinkhorn

Tonight we give a very warm and returning welcome to Phil Blinkhorn.

Phil is one of our earliest members, now resident in Ireland. Tonight he travels across the water specifically to host our annual aviation quiz.

Please come along for what should be a very entertaining evening.

All are welcome to attend and participate.


2nd March, 2016


'First Flights Film Night'; by Dennis Morley

Tonight we give a very warm and returning welcome to Dennis Morley.

Dennis is the former BAE Systems (Warton) Chief Flight Test Engineer and tonight will show and comment on a selection of 'first flight films', including those of the Canberra, P1, TSR2, MRCA, Hawk and EFA.

Please come along for what should be fascinating and very interesting evening.

All are welcome.


17th February, 2016


'Deutschland 2012'; by Martin Powell and 'One Fine Day'; by Tony Callan

Tonight’s two part special features two of our globe trotting members who will give illustrated talks about their travels.

All are welcome.


3rd February, 2016


'East or West - either way, it's a long way to China'; by Stuart Mochrie

Tonight we give a warm welcome to Stuart Mochrie.

Stuart is a Global Sales and Demonstration Pilot for Textron Aviation and tonight will give a presentation on delivering a Beechcraft/Textron Aviation King Air aircraft, from the USA to China.

Please come along for what should be fascinating and very interesting evening.

All are welcome.


20th January, 2016


'Sweden'; by John Wiseman

Tonight John Wiseman will show us his trip to Sweden in June 2015.

He had two days extra before starting the Ian Allan trip and went to see the Vasa the 16th century warship rescued from the mud at Stockholm and an Ice breaker with two superb old steam engines. On the Ian Allan trip he visited several aircraft museums, including the Air Force Museum with a tour of restoration hangar, the Caravelle at Arlanda, and the Swedish Air Force Air Show in the Sun.

All are welcome.


6th January, 2016


'Annual General Meeting and Model (Aircraft) Competition'

The AGM will take its usual form, with a pie and pea supper for all current members in attendance. Please Note, the AGM is open to current members only. 

For further information (AGM), please contact the Society Chairman or Vice Chairman

The model competition will be organised as in previous years  and will be judged by David Swift and Ray Ashworth (from The International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS), Bolton). For information on the type and number of entries, and how to enter, please see the December Newsletter. Alternatively, please contact the Programme Secretary.


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